Podium partners with financial institutions across the United Kingdom

We build innovative solutions

Our mortgage platform connects consumers with lenders using the latest technologies and innovative digital experiences. Podium's agile sofware development and analytical teams are helping transform financial services with first-to-market solutions.

Technology You Can Trust

We have a great team that deliver exciting but reliable solutions. We look at each new opportunity and make use of new technologies or stick with what we know as appropriate. We design all our solutions for security, scalability, and speed.

Tried and Tested Reliability

We have a solid development pipeline running automated tests all the way from the start of development to live. We use containers in the cloud to ensure maximal reliability, even under periods of heightened load.

Built by Mortgage Experts

To maintain the quality of our teams we spend a lot of time on recruitment, ensuring we get the right people who are experts in their field – whether that’s technologists or mortgage experts. We also have great access to more expertise through our partners.

Extensive Data Security

Security is our first consideration in whatever we do. We have designed our solutions to minimize what we keep, and make sure only the right people can see that.

Great tools

Whether consumers are in the early mortgage research phase or actively looking to find a mortgage lender, Podium have built tools to help the consumer navigate through their mortgage options.

Efficient acquisition for lenders

Working with the largest comparison site gives Podium a massive advantage to test and learn user journeys, user experiences and user outcomes. This knowledge is crucial when we are working with lenders to maximise consumer acquisition.

Better conversion for aggregators

We at Podium need to understand why the consumer has come to the website in the first place, and answer their questions: ‘Who will lend to me, How much can I borrow, and How much will it cost’? If we can answer these questions conversion will dramatically improve.

We practice what we preach.